Very often, especially when it comes to small events, you find yourself with limited budgets but at the same time you need good quality. In these cases the best solution is the rental.
Silver Animation offers this service with various formulas allowing the customer to get very professional systems guaranteeing really low costs.

Silver Animation reserves the right, where it deems it necessary, to make the rental through one of our technicians who will be present during the transport, installation and use of the rented material.

Audio Rental

Silver Animation rents audio systems from the best brands. With the "rental" formula, Midas digital mixers, Sennheiser wireless microphones, Piooner DJ sets, or Line Array systems are accessible for everyone at incredible prices.

Lights Rental

Choosing the right lights for an event is by no means simple. The rental in this case is the best solution. You can choose from dozens of headlights and projectors; lamp or led, fixed or motorized, spot wash or beam. One of our technicians wil advise you on the more appropriate choice, and without incurring on purchase costs, you'll be able to use a professional lighting system.

Video Rental

Have you decided to set up a video room inside your venue? Want to see your band logo behind you as you play on stage? No problem! Silver Animation has video projectors, maxi screens and led walls for any type of event.


Ambient Effects Rental

You can hire various environment effects for small or large spaces. You can use a snow machine to amaze everyone, a smoke machine to make your show great, or fill a room with soap bubbles to entertain the little ones. In short, we will help you to realize your most amaizing ideas.

Rental of Stages and Trusses

If you need to rent a stage or concert facilities, you've come to the right place. Our "Litec" aluminum trusses, used with Wind-ups, elevators or towers, form a stable and very aesthetically beautiful structure. The whole series of these products are modular and certified, as well as our stages.

Electrical Panel Rental

If you are looking for a rental electrical panel and you want to be carefree during the event, there are no compromises. All electrical equipment must be accompanied by certification and fully compliant with all legal provisions. Rent your certified electrical panel from us and enjoy your event in total tranquility.

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